Silk Road House Silk Road House

Silk Road House:
A Cultural and Educational Center

Silk Road House is a non-profit organization created to promote and support an impressive array of diverse ethnic cultural traditions. The main goals of the Silk Road House are:
  • to create a center for the collection of pertinent cultural and historical information
  • to provide a place where creative activities can bring to life the traditions of the Silk Road here in United States
  • to celebrate the Silk Road's tradition of hospitality
Silk Road House symbolizes the connections, communications and bonds between peoples and cultures united by the Silk Road concept, and at the same time, a real network of the modern day contacts between those peoples and cultures. The Silk Road House is a welcoming cultural center where everyone who might be interested could find a wide range of accurate information concerning the history, culture, and everyday life of Silk Road countries.
A word of appreciation...
Our special and deepest thanks go to those who have made an array of donations to Silk Road House – by money, various things, books, time, skill or all these together...

Among these generous individuals are (in alphabetical order):
Ruth Abrass
Navruz Avloni
Shirchin Baatar
Hanna Bailey
Elena Balashova
Alexander Bapa
Natalie Bondar
Kathleen Braunstein
Genrietta Bykin
Maria Bykin
JoAnn Conrad
Dieter Christensen
Wayne Eastep
Patrick Hayes
David Hooson
Karen Folger Jacobs
Anait Khudanazarova
Jack Kollmann
Robert E. Lee
Cariadne Margaret Mackenzie
Semion and Ludmila Mirkin
Scott Morgan
Aiman and Mairbek Mussipov
Elmira and Werdana Mussipov
Zhanara Nauryzbaeva
Karen Nelsen
Joan E. Norvelle
Beket Nurzhanov
James O.Bailey
Akin Orhun
Skydrite Rubene
Vadim Ryvkin
Ernar Sagatov
Turburam Sandagdorj
Martin Schwartz
Chris and Steve Shaw
Zhuldyz and Lloyd Shimabukuro
Elizabeth Shedd
Tatiana Shubin
Omerjan and Aygul Siddik
Irina Serkebaeva
John Sommer
Kemal Sonmez
Tenzin Tsophel
Orna Uranchimeg-Tsultem
Bayan Tulegenova
Leonid Urjuk
Santo K. van Ess
Albina Yerzhanova
Joanne Yoshimura well as anonymous private donors, the SilkRoad Foundation and the Open Society Institute.

Our cordial thanks to all of you!

- Board of Directors of Silk Road House
Current Announcements
Dear all,

We have truly good news. One of our discs (“Songs from the Aral Sea”) got the best disc of the month evaluation (the so-called World Choice) by the BBC Music Magazine. See the SRH facebook page at

Let’s remind you of the series entitled “Musical Treasures of the Silk Road House.” The following discs have been created and are avaiable for sale (the whole set costs only $75.00):

  1. Elmira Janabergenova, Kazakhstan. Songs from the Aral Sea. All 18 texts are translated into English. – 1 compact disc.
  2. Bidas Rustembekov. Kazakh Terme. Sung Poetry of Wisdom. All 33 texts are translated into English. – 1 compact disc.
  3. Faik Chelebi, Tar. The Classical Mugam of Azerbaijan in Solo Instrumental Performance. – 1 compact disc with a detailed description in the booklet. Text by Izaly Zemtsovsky.
  4. The Epic Körughly. The Kazakh version recorded for the first time ever. Performed by Bidas Rustembekov. Introductory article and complete English synopsis by Alma Kunanbaeva. – 2 compact discs in one set.
  5. An Anthology of Kazakh Epic Songs and Dombra Kyuis (recording) and A Journey to Epic Qyzylorda: Three Kazakh Jyraus (video) – 1 compact disc and 1 video disc in one set.
  6. Produced by Alma Kunanbaeva and Izaly Zemtsovsky. Recorded and mastered by Michael Cogan, Bay Records. English translations by Scott Bartling. Package design by Sara Glaser.

To purchase please address to the page at our website where you will find the necessary information for ordering the discs: Our Silk Road House PayPal account is open. While ordering, please specify your postal address for the mailing the disc (discs) by the first class mail. Otherwise, you can send a check to SRH postal address: 430 N. Civic Dr., #301. Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

Silk Road House activity is sponsored by the Silkroad Foundation and by people like you.

Thank you.